Please Don't Snooze

from by Dead Sexy Sheila



Damn I wish I could make you a bed for your back
To lie in
Or die in
Or get you in the sack
Please don't be sleepin'
I wanna see your eyes
I wanna take off your dress, and give you a disguise

Please Don't Snooze, baby Please Don't Snooze
Sacrificed my cat to Jesus for your moments that I lose
Please Don't Snooze, baby Please Don't Snooze
'Cause when the day breaks you might find scorpions in your shoes

Oh they'd welt and they'd sting your pretty brown feet
And tell you what diseases you can get from what you eat
They'd crawl in your navel
And poison your spine
Your eyes'd roll back
And you'd forget your all mine

Please don't be Snoozin'
Not on my watch
Please don't be passed out
Drunk off my scotch
Please don't meet with no Huxley in a dream
'Cause it may be your subconscious
But it's still a date to me

So Nelson Mandela, lend me your ears
And oh Pontius Pilot, rent me some spears
I done bled through all my pores
To score the woman I got
Yeah I been up all night on my banjo
Writing tunes about how I love her a lot

Please Don't Snooze, mama Please Don't Snooze
I'm rotting away in Denmark of boredom and booze
Please Don't Snooze, baby, Please Don't Snooze

Cause for you a little slumber's a fucking lot for me to lose


from Death Bat Flies Again, released February 14, 2013



all rights reserved


Dead Sexy Sheila Brooklyn, New York

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